What is it Really Like To Buy a $70 K Fixer-Upper?

Over the last decade, more than a few articles have been written about the influx of New Yorkers who decide to make Philly their home. Here’s one woman’s story, and it doesn’t involve lattes or private schools. In 2012, Emily, facing a steep rent hike in her shared $1650/month Brooklyn 2 bedroom (Now renting for $2100/month), decided to quit her 11-year relationship with New York. She’d already been commuting once a week to her employer’s Philadelphia office, so Philly seemed an obvious choice. “I asked a couple of friends that were moving apartments in Philly and they were like, ‘I got this one bedroom – my rent is $600,'” explains Emily. Convinced, she requested a full-time transfer to Philly and began looking for apartments…

Articles – Published in Curbed Philly, 2013

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