I Wish I learned to Breakdance: An Interview with Matt Luckhurst on Design, The Creative Process, and What It’s Like To Author A Children’s Book

A large part of what we call inspiration is the experience of seeing something and saying, “I want to do that.” To that end, we’ve all had moments of inspiration. But how many of us act on that inspiration? How many of us have the audacity to say, not only, “I can do that.” but “I can do that in my own way.”? This, perhaps, is where we find the link between inspiration and creativity. Notwithstanding talent, discipline, and a general sense of that which is good; creative people have a knack for taking existing things and making them into imaginatively new things.

Designer, illustrator, and children’s book author, Matt Luckhurst understands this. He hasn’t said this explicitly – at least not to us – but his work, a raucous menagerie of color, shape, line, and influences ranging from Cubism to the masterful work of design legends Paul Rand and Alvin Lustig, is the mark of a man who sees and isn’t afraid to say, in his own euphonic lilt, what he has seen…

Articles – Published in The Well&Often Reader, 2014

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