Poems in The Brooklyn Quarterly

My last chapbook (sold out), Advice People Don’t Need, has been published in its entirety in the latest issue of The Brooklyn Quarterly.

Written during my fellowship with Poets House, Advice People Don’t Need is a collection of poems created with the help of a website that scrambles ones Facebook statuses and spits them out as phrases, often nonsensical. The resulting book is a take on the poet’s role in cataloging language, and what that means in our crazy social media-addled times.


Don’t worry about your lineage poetic or natural.

The Sun woke
the honey locust.

I’ve heard some say you’re crazy.

I’ve seen facebook.

I need belief more than
this Village Voice.


like your mouth
loud with a naked twist.


Do art
Be treacherous

This voice among the trees

every day



bandits with poetry

the new.

And it sounded like poetry

like endless rain into a building.
The Bones of flowers, from every day.

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Posted on June 17, 2015