Website for Writer Julie Hart

The sites I design and build are usually fully custom, but sometimes a client needs a solution that’s a little less involved. Such was the case with a recent site for the writer Julie Hart.

Julie and I met at a Brooklyn poetry workshop last year. After the workshop, we sat at the bar and discussed the poet experience in New York City. We stayed in touch and earlier this year she approached me to redesign her website. That the site have a clean, simple design and be something she can update on her own were her main priorities.

Choosing a Domain Name

The first order of business was setting Julie up with a great web hosting company and choosing a new domain name. Her old domain name,, didn’t exactly communicate anything about what she does. Also, the number 54 didn’t have any particular relevance. After a brainstorming session, Julie and I settled on–simple, communicative, and to the point.

Picking a Theme

Rather than design a WordPress theme from scratch, I opted to customize The Author Theme, a pre-existing theme built specifically for writers. While Julie is not yet selling books, it made sense to build her a site that had that functionality available if she decides to in the future.

Customizing the Theme

writing post
Like so many writers, much of Julie’s published work exists online, so we needed to create a way for her to post her latest pieces on the homepage, as well as the writings section of the site. To do so, I used the Pods Framework to create a Writing’s custom post type, which we then added to the Author theme homepage template.

The New Site

As she hoped, Julie Hart’s new site is simple, clean, and easy to update.

Visit the site:

Posted on May 4, 2015