Atul Gawande
Atul Gawande Site

To coincide with the release of his new book, The Checklist Manifesto, surgeon and writer, Atul Gawande wanted to revamp his existing site. The brief called for clean site with minimal colors. It also needed to have CMS capabilites. Working with Corey Maher, I designed and developed the site using the wordpress platform.



Client: Atul Gawande

Role: Design, Art Direction, Wordpress, jQuery, HTML and CSS

Credits: Developed with Corey Maher


Atul Gawande Site

Each of Dr. Gawande's books was given its own page, featuring links to purchase the book as a well as links to reviews.

Atul Gawande Site

Dr. Gawande has written many articles over the years. His old site had amassed quite a collection of links to his articles, and finding them had become an overwhelming task. For the new site, we made the content searchable.

Atul Gawande Site

We also created a Style Guide mini-site to aid Dr. Gawande and his office in updating the site.