Ubiquity Records
Ubiquity Records - 'Thinkin Of A Master Plan' Tee

Ubiquity Records is a California-based record label whose line of music-inspired t-shirts are available worldwide in small boutiques and chains like Urban Outfitters. I have contributed to their lines since Fall 2007. Above: Fall 2009 - 'Thinkin Of A Master Plan' - An homage to hip-hop legend, Rakim.

Graphic Tees


Client: Ubiquity Records

Role: Design

Ubiquity Records - 'Get Free' Tee

Fall 2008 - 'Get Free' - This song was the inspiration for the design.

Ubiquity Records - 'Miles' Tee

Spring 2008 - 'Miles' - We here at The Ministry of TISHON highly recommend this book.

Ubiquity Records - 'Vinyl Love' Tee

Fall 2007 - 'Vinly Love' - Love thy record.

Ubiquity Records - 'The Ruler' Tee

Unused - 'The Ruler' - Arguably the greatest storyteller hip-hop has ever had.

Ubiquity Records - 'Mix Tape' Tee

Unused - 'Syncopation' - A study of syncopation.